Where is the great data in Bays App coming ffrom?

Our information is next to the fact the Adriatic Sea is our home location based on two reliable sources:
  1. Open Street Map (Open Sea Map) and
  2. Google.

Within in a complex process we map existing relevant infrastructure elements like Resturants, Fuel stations, Supermarkets or Medical assitance from Open Street Map and Google.

The metadata collected, is cleaned, duplicates identified and removed, and finally available offline in the Bays App. So it's ensured you've the fastest search and find feature available! With this in mind it's super easy to search for a bay with a restaurant and bakery if you need booth in one accomodation.

Furthermore you have access to telephone numbers, openeing times or a restaurants website in the twinkling of an eye. From Google or Openstreetmap.

Your help is much appreciate!

To stay up to date we appreciate each improvement request which can be initiated very easily with just a few taps, without asking for your name or email address or anything else!