Privacy Policy / Terms of Use

The user must accept the following terms and conditions to use the app.


Everything works according to the principle of data avoidance and data economy. Especially when it comes to personal data. When using the app, personal data will never be collected or transmitted. All functions can be used without registration and without providing personal data.

Data submission

All connections are encrypted!

The basic function of the app is fully maintained even without a working internet connection.

Privacy Policy

When the app is opened, it is checked whether an offine database update is available for download, while the current location (inaccurate to a few 100m) is 100% anonymous without any personal or IP address reference stored only for statistical evaluations.

When opening an entry (such as a bay) in the locally-installed offline database, live information (pictures, user comments, and day count) is queried and the day counter is incremented by 1 for subsequent visitors.

When posting a comment and/or uploading an image to an entry (e.g., to a bay), the current distance (not the location itself, just the distance) is transmitted to the bay and stored in the database.

Copyright Approval Anyone who comments on an entry or uploads an image, the author assures to be or to act on his behalf. He also donates the submitted content (text and/or image) to the user community of the app without consideration. A further use of the texts/pictures outside of this user community is not permitted for us.